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Excellent Lawyer - Highly Recommended

"Mr. Alex Anderson was very professional, gave proper guidance, affordable, responsive, and stayed honest in terms of finance throughout the divorce process. He didn't charge penny extra and stayed on stop of things from the very beginning of the divorce process. I have heard many horror stories of lawyers only concerned about billing as many hours as possible and not really looking out for the best interest of their clients. I can honestly say Alex was just the opposite and would highly recommend him to anyone without any hesitation. He advised me on my legal rights and the best ways to go about the process. He was always available when I needed him and always kept me informed. He didn't spend pointless time on the case in order to run-up the price and billable hours. Every month I received an invoice on exactly what I was being charged for. He was very active with the case, provided quick response to my questions via email, phone calls, or in-person meeting. He is available for his clients to provide best service possible. Made the divorce process very easy and stress-free.
Mr. Anderson is very knowledgeable and friendly, don't cut yourself short. Get a lawyer. Get Mr. Alexander Anderson, you will not be disappointed!”

- Priyanka, 2019


"I spoke with many attorneys before approaching Mr. Alexander Anderson. Cases of Divorce and/or custody are issues of compassion. Mr. Anderson heard my case, reviewed the various complexities of this case, involving custody of a minor child. Mr. Anderson was compassionate and caring about my case. He gave me a brief assessment and the possible outcome of this case. Given my financial hardships, Mr. Anderson worked out a cost that was very very fair. He is very reasonable with his charges and updates you with every penny spent. During the last 6 months he prepared my case diligently and methodically. Mr Anderson, on court date armed with backup documents and evidences, skillfully presented our case for divorce. His knowledge of the law and familiarity of every detail of my case was was beautifully explained to the judge. The judge granted me absolute divorce and complete custody of my daughter with many commendations. The person who deserved the honor was Mr. Anderson. It was the happiest moment in my life. Mr. Alexander Anderson is a very skilled lawyer. I personally, highly recommend him and his firm.”

- Jauhar, 2019

Need a Caring & Professional Lawyer? You Need Mr. Anderson!

"You will not be disappointed with his service. Mr. Anderson was one of four lawyers I talked to and he was the most professional and caring. He listened to my issues first involving my divorce before just putting a price tag on my case. I told him what I wanted out of the process and he advised me on my legal rights and the best ways to go about the process. I was against getting a lawyer but so thankful I did.

He was always available when I needed him and always kept me informed. He didn't spend pointless time on the case in order to runup the price and billable hours. Every month I received an invoice on exactly what I was being charged for. He was instrumental during my mediation session with my now ex-husband and ensured everything was fair. The case didn't drag out for months and months. Mr. Anderson made sure to stay on top of my ex-husbands lawyer so we could come to agreements to avoid a 2-3 day divorce trial. Thankfully we settled everything in mediation and was only in court for 15 minutes.

I felt at ease working with Mr. Anderson and will definitely use him again for any of my family needs. I highly recommend Mr. Anderson. You may not think you can afford him but he will definitely work with you on a payment plan. Don't cut yourself short. Get a lawyer. Get Mr. Anderson.”

- Miranda, 2019

David vs. Goliath

"Alex represented me in a recent child support revision case with an ex who has significant resources. The new agreement has helped me bridge a significant income gap between my household and my ex's. Excellent communications and quick to respond to interim conflicts that arose between verbal agreement and final execution of the new agreement. Alex really had my back and over the course of the past few months, I have grown to trust and respect his professionalism, knowledge and ability to concisely translate legal jargon into easily comprehensible explanations.”

- Anonymous, 2019

Aggressive, organized, honest representation


I came to Alex with a real need to alter my custody arrangement. I knew the process was going to be problematic given the experiences i have had in the past trying to work with the opposing party.

From the beginning Alex was up front and set honest, realistic expectations regarding my case. He was extremely responsive and helped me navigate through some difficult communication exchanges that were so instrumental to the success we achieved. During the process we also had to submit the opposing party for a deposition. The questions were well prepared and to the point. It was extremely helpful to our case.

I am very pleased with the entire process and the outcome achieved. I strongly recommend Alex to anyone looking to catch a good lawyer on his way up.

- Anonymous, 2018

Amazing Lawyer

"I retained Alex for a custody case. Alex helped me win physical custody of my daughter with special needs. I am beyond satisfied with Alex’s service. I find Alex to be incredibly intelligent, very knowledgeable in family law, a strong advocate, and above all, he truly cared about me as a client and really fought for me. Alex was very understanding of my financial situation and worked with me on options. The amount I paid to retain his services was very fair and honestly, that is the best money I have ever spent because he was worth every penny and more. The communication was great because throughout the entire process, Alex kept me informed on everything that was happening, with my case and gave me frequent updates. He was very responsive whenever I needed to reach him with any questions or concerns. Alex genuinely cares about his clients and I highly recommend him. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would.”

- Portia, 2018


"Alex is a very good lawyer... he knows his stuff and he takes the time to look up things so he can be the best for his client.. it was a blessing to have Alex as my lawyer. He helped me get sole custody of my 4 year old son. If you want a lawyer that's all for his client pick Alex [Anderson], he will get the job done.”

- Joshua, 2017

Exactly What I Was Looking For!!

"Everyone always says meet with a few potential lawyers and go with the one you're comfortable with. I cannot agree more and that was Alex for me!!!! This entire process was absolutely nerve wrecking for me. Alex did a GREAT job at calming my nerves from that first initial conversation. What I loved most was that he's a realist, gives it to your straight (in a nice way) and really wants to make sure he has his t's crossed and his i's dotted. Even though I'm sure he has a lot going on, he always made me feel like my case was a priority when speaking to me. And to add to all of this, he's SUPER responsive. Nothing more I could've asked for in my lawyer.”

- Jennifer, September 2017

Great Attorney

"I feel lucky that I found Alex. I called around for months to find an attorney that was at a reasonable rate that I could afford. I was going to go pro se (do it all myself) but being a single working mom it was almost impossible. When I spoke and met with Alex, he spoke to me like a person, not like another case he could milk money from, but as a person. He made me feel comfortable and explained the process and what we could predict would happen. Alex was very gracious in the process of litigation and communicating to my child's father and myself. I really liked working with Alex, I appreciate his work.”

- Anya, May 2017

Excellent Attorney

"I am from out of State and filing for custody of my son. I was unable to afford legal fees so I was trying to handle my case myself. I met with Mr. Anderson and based on my income he provided much lower rates then other attorneys I had come across. He took my case and has been nothing short of amazing! I have never dealt with an attorney that tries so hard to help their client while still keeping my sons best interests in mind. He has made sure everything has been presented showing the best interest of my son at all times. My hearings are finally concluded and I'll wait another week for the judge's decision, but know that he has presented everything in such a way that I feel very confident in what the decision will be. In general I know the judicial system seems to be bias towards women getting custody of the children but I feel he has been able to overcome this through proper preparation and presentation. Regardless of the outcome I receive my family and I know he was the absolute best choice we could have made!”

- Jeff, January 2017

Excellent Representation

"I am very pleased with the representation I received from Alex Anderson. He's a bright, hard working attorney who is not afraid to be aggressive when necessary, but he is also open to sensible compromise. At one point in my case Alex encouraged me to stand firm, when I certainly wouldn't have have without his knowledge and support. Yet at another point he told me that the court was very unlikely to order one of the things I wanted. In the end, he provided excellent counsel through difficult negotiations, and we reached a settlement I am happy with.”

- Jim, October 2016

Excellent Attorney!

"Alex has been a great and dependable attorney for me throughout a very difficult time for my family. He was almost always available to talk to me, if not immediately on the phone, then by email/text throughout my entire case (and thereafter). He has mainly handled my child custody case, but also has been representing/advising me on other domestic matters related to my already high-conflict case. Alex is very smart and knowledgeable about many areas of law, though his focus is on family law. I was very impressed with his creativity and writing skills, and was most impressed with his attention to clients. I might not have had the "biggest" case out there-but it certainly felt that way to me, and he treated it as such. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends/colleagues, and with Alex, you really get top notch quality for a fraction of the price of family law attorneys out there..”

- Kristin, October 2016

Great guy, a better attorney...

"Alex really made an impression on me. His down to earth attitude and professionalism really made me feel like I hired the right person for the job. He communicated well and often. He left me with the impression that my case was his top priority. I've been in and out of a custody battle for the last 10 yrs, employing many attorneys, consulting with many more. I went in to this round of arguments as a father seeking full legal custody (not to be confused with physical custody), in a system built to assist women. Alex went up against a very experienced attorney, but during the proceeding he maintained the upper-hand. Because of my evidence, Alex was able to create a narrative the opposition found difficult to defend. Because of my honesty, Alex was able to circumvent their accusations by being well prepared. During testimony her attorney made fictitious statements about me which immediately instilled fear and anxiety, but Alex's rebuttal at times were moments of perfection. He showed the fire when needed, while showing calm when needed. The judge granted me "final say" on all legal matters. I no longer have to parent feeling handcuffed. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for in life. From my experience with Alex, I feel I got a great attorney on sale. I can walk away thinking he worth every dollar spent and I will not enter another courtroom again without him.”

- Former Client, July 2016

The Best Family Lawyer

"Attorney Alex has a big heart. He is the best for me because he took care of my case very very well. I was also referred to him by a friend and it is true that Attorney Alex is very dependable in all aspect in holding the case. Weekends he will still be there to answer all the questions I had. A very straight forward person. I do recommend Attorney Alex to anyone that I know that needs help and service . 10 star I will give and a two thumbs up. He is a heaven send. Most of all not a money maker. An attorney with a heart.”

- Josenita, April 2016 

Custody Modification

"[Alex] is a very good lawyer, flexible hours, he is available even on the weekends to answer the phone or meet with you to accommodate your work schedule. The result came out as I expected after going through a though case. I will recommend him to any of my friends.”

- Santos, December 2015

Amazing Family Law Attorney

"This is the first time that I have written a review. I am going through the most difficult situation of my life; my husband took our baby and would not return him to me. That is, until I found Mr. Alex Anderson, a young and knowledgeable attorney specializing in family law with positive approach. He's alway available and responds to my calls and emails. Alex worked hard to help me work out a consent order with the opposing party. He is very helpful, hard working, fast, and honest. He has very flexible hours. Moreover, I was able to temporarily get the baby back so quickly, my case at the court is not done yet. I know there are still many more procedures to go through at the court, but I'm sure Alex will do his best. I'm so happy with the result he has gotten and for how he has helped me so far. If I could give him 10 stars, I would. I would recommend him to friends or family who need attorney specializing in family law.”

- L.N., October 2015

Best Family Law Attorney

"I was acting as a pro se in a modification of child support and a Motion to Vacate a judgment for attorney fees entered against me. When I was acting pro se, I was not moving the case along; opposing counsel was uncooperative and difficult. She refused to file an answer to my motion or file a financial statement for her client. Then I found Mr. Alex Anderson, a young, dynamic, and knowledgeable attorney in family law with a positive approach. Mr. Anderson helped me to reduce my monthly child support payments and also convinced the court to grant my motion to vacate. At the court hearing he had an answer for every argument of opposing counsel and we were able to convince the court.”

- H.T., March 2015  

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