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Family Law

Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where your relationship is no longer viable.  Divorce is not a simple process and requires the parties to answer complicated questions about what should happen moving forward. Ultimately, the Court will be asked to dissolve the marriage, and it is important to have an attorney who can help explain that process, and inform you of your rights and entitlements. An attorney can help address complicated issues such as: marital vs. non-marital assets, ownership interests in a spouse’s business, or the transfer of specific assets. The Law Firm of Alexander K. Anderson is committed to answering these, and every other question that you may have regarding a divorce.


In many divorce situations, one spouse may be required to provide support to their soon to be former spouse.  Maryland law sets forth a specific list of factors to be considered before making an award of alimony.  During a divorce the Court will divide any marital property that you may have in an equitable manner; however, in some instances the Court may feel that the division of property is insufficient to balance the inequity in current earning power. To help the spouse with the lower earning power maintain a standard of living similar to the one enjoyed during the marriage, the Court may order alimony. The amount and duration of alimony is decided after considering each of the statutory factors.  After discussing these factors, we will help you create a customized plan to successfully plan for your unique case.


As time passes, and parties and children’s lives change, the arrangements made at the time of the Court’s decision may no longer make sense.  As children age, their needs and interests change, and it may be necessary to modify the current custody arrangement.  In other cases, the financial health and needs of either of the parties may change and it may be necessary to modify the amount of support to a former spouse or to your children.  We understand the various options for modification, and will work with you to ensure the best outcome.


In what is the most important part of any separation, the parties must decide what is in the best interest of their children.  In instances where the parties are unable to agree, the Court will make an award of physical and legal custody.  Maryland courts differentiate between legal custody decision making and the physical custody of the children.  The firm will work with you to help you create a custody arrangement that is in both your and your children’s best interests.

Child Support

All parents have an obligation to provide for the support for their children, this includes providing financial support.  The amount of support ordered in a particular case will be calculated by the Court according to the strict guidelines set forth in the Maryland statutes. The calculation will take into account the incomes of the parents, the cost of health insurance, school, daycare, and various other factors and costs.  We understand the Maryland law and will work with you to ensure that your children will always have proper financial support.


In an ideal world, every parent and former spouse would fulfill their obligations. Of course this does not always happen, and it is often necessary to take steps to enforce a support order through the court system. Parties may have a variety of enforcement options available to them, including garnishment of wages and bank accounts, suspension of driving privileges, surrender of passports, and in extreme cases, incarceration.  The Law Firm of Alexander K. Anderson understands how enforcement works and will ensure that you receive the relief you are entitled to. 

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