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Adoption law provides a means for you to assume the legal rights and responsibilities of a child not born to you. Following an adoption, all legal ties between the child and the birth parents are permanently severed and you and your child are treated just like a natural family in the eyes of the law. You, as the parent, will be able to make all of the important decisions for your child, such as medical treatment, education, and religion, as well as ordinary day-to-day issues that arise in your child’s life.


There is a complicated procedural process to complete an adoption that requires many steps as safeguards for the children being adopted.  The steps include: home studies to ensure a stable environment free of dangers, verification of age and income requirements, criminal background checks will be completed. All of these requirements are intended to protect your new child. We understand that the adoption process can be an exciting, yet apprehensive time as you want to ensure the process will proceed smoothly.

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